Dead Children’s Playground

Here’s a story. Believe of it what you will. First, some background:

My family and I traveled to Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday, February 25. We live relatively close and were bored, wanting something to do. Maple Hill Cemetery is a very old and very large resting place for everyone from several Alabama governors to the nameless newborn. When the Spanish Flu pandemic came through, many of the children who died were buried in this cemetery. Also, there’s a playground.

Sure, the park was creepy: it was in a cemetery and we worked ourselves up with ghost stories during the ride there. The ‘Dead Children at Play’ graffiti didn’t help, either. The boys swung for a little bit, played some, and that was that. We stood in the park for a while and waited.

That’s when my youngest son complained that he felt ‘pressure around his ankles’ (whatever that meant). A small, red welt had formed on his right ankle. After he said that, my wife leaned in and whispered, “I didn’t want to say anything to spook the kids, but I feel the same heaviness on my feet too.” Fine, he hit his leg while playing and both my wife and son are crazy. I’m forever a skeptic, and, so far, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I was playing on my phone while my wife did her thing, and the boys explored. I heard children playing; it sounded like they were off in the distance. It didn’t seem to be supernatural, and I thought nothing of it. Although, hindsight told me that there were no other children around, there were very few people in the huge cemetery, and there was a funeral about to begin far from where we were. Whatever it was, there weren’t children around, especially loud children playing. I continued to ignore the sounds until my wife jogged over to me with a not quite worried but definitely concerned look on her face.

“You’re playing a video, aren’t you?” she had asked me. “Tell me that sound is coming from your phone.”

I tell her it wasn’t, and I confirmed I heard the kids too. She explained that she heard the sounds coming from the swing set, and she heard the squeak of rusty swing chains too. My oldest son heard this and lost his mind and wouldn’t shut up. The sounds disappeared, we couldn’t investigate further, and that was that.

I have never had a supernatural experience or encounter with ghosts before, and I’m not sure what to make of this. I can’t explain it away. There was no spooky feeling or sense of dread. Sure, we were primed for a paranormal experience, and it was fun, but that was it.

Anyway, if you’re ever in Huntsville, AL, stop by the Dead Children’s Playground and hang out for a bit. Those children are probably lonely and need a companion.

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