Weird occurrences. Unsettling sights. Unprovoked violence.

The employees at One Stop Finance are used to all of the above. Working for a payday lender in the wrong part of the city gives Joel and his crew a too-close look at the sketchy underbelly of New Chatham, Tennessee.

Odd is the best descriptor for their clientele.
Odd is normal.

When four particular customers visit the small shop, normal is thrown out the window. Each of them have brought something special to One Stop, gifts for the employees, but what are they? What do they do?

The employees could never have expected what would happen next.

Whatever the gifts are unlock something unimaginable. Something horrible.

Can the retail employees fight back against the horrors before their city is consumed?

The Caverns, Olen Crowe’s debut horror novel

An ancient evil lurks in the small, mountain town of Linston, North Carolina. The locals refuse to admit there is a problem, and the town drunk, a Christmas tree farmer named Junior, seems to be the only one who understands the gravity of the situation, but can he be trusted?
Upon arriving to Linston, Martin, Madison, and Athens find out the town’s attraction has been closed due to ‘renovations.’ After befriending a local pair of reporters, Seth and Sara, the vacationers decide to sneak into the caverns and find out the truth for themselves. Inside the caverns, the friends come face-to-face with the horror, and not everyone makes it out alive.
Martin, Athens, and Seth refuse to allow their friends to die in vain, and, after bonding over the horrible ordeal and being mocked by the local police, they enlist the questionable help of Junior to unravel the horrors which plague Linston.
The small town quickly devolves into chaos as the horror grows. They try to decipher cryptic writings and unravel the lore surrounding the evil before the town is overrun and escape becomes impossible.